Thursday, April 18, 2019

Jimmie Price (#129)

Jimmie Price was the Tigers' backup catcher from 1967-1971. (Backing up Bill Freehan meant you didn't get much playing time.) 

Price was signed by the Pirates in 1960, and played in their farm system for 7 seasons (the last 3 at triple-A). Four days before the 1967 season, he was purchased by the Tigers (after already appearing on a 2nd-series Pirates Rookies card that year).

Jim spent 5 seasons as the Tigers' #2 catcher behind Freehan. His most playing time came in 1969, when he had career-highs in games (72), starts (49), complete games (44), and at-bats (192). Price also had 2 at-bats in the 1968 World Series.

The Tigers acquired Tom Haller from the Dodgers in December 1971 to back up Freehan in '72, spelling the end of Price’s career.

Jim has been broadcasting Tigers' games since the 1970s.


Old Cards said...

Those trades in the spring sure messed up card collecting, especially if you collect by team. Back in the day, Topps might catch up to the trades if the traded player's card was issued in the 6th or 7th series. Then you ended up with 2 players at the same position on the same team, but no player at a position on the other team. I can name examples, but I have complained enough.

Jim from Downingtown said...

1968 Dodgers - both Ron Hunt and John Roseboro were featured as Dodgers, although they were already traded tp the Giants and Twins, respectuvely. The Giants didn't have a 2B in the set then, because Tito Fuentes was left out ( replaced by Hunt). Nor did the Twins have a starting catcher in the set, only Jerry Zimmerman, IIRC.

Jim from Downingtown said...

I collected all the cards, not just for certain teams. Back then, I rubber-banded all the cards for a team together, although i included players with their new team ( for example, my 1967 Turk Farrell Astros card was in the Phillies bunch). Also ( and i can't believe now that i did this) if i had spare rookie stars cards, i would cut them in half and include tge individual rookies with the team they played for. LET'S HOPE I DIDN'T DO THAT FOR JOHNNY BENCH OR NOLAN RYAN'S ROOKIE CARDS! LOL