Thursday, December 24, 2020

Born on the Same Day - 9/23/1942

Another installment in my "Born on the Same Day" series, featuring players who were born on the same day (!) and year. 
This is post #28 in the series: Jim Rooker and Woody Woodward - both born on 9/23/1942.
Jim Rooker made his debut with the Tigers in 1968, and was a starting pitcher for the Royals in their first 4 seasons (1969-72). He was traded to the Pirates, and was in their rotation from 1973-79. Rooker missed most of the 1980 season, then was released.  
Woody Woodward was a middle infielder for the Braves and Reds from 1963-71. He was an everyday player in 1966-67 as the Braves' 2nd baseman.